Air Taxi Aircraft

            Air Taxi Options

            Aircraft Selection

            Our selection of air taxi classes allows you to pick the best fit for your needs and budget. All Linear Air flights are performed on FAA-certified Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) that meet our high standards for safety and quality.

            Air Taxi

            Examples: Piper Cherokee, Cessna 172, Mooney M20

            Your most cost-effective option. Perfect for short hops when traveling light.

            MAX 3 MAX 1

            Premium Air Taxi

            Examples: Cirrus SR22

            Ideal for short trips, offering extra cabin space and comfort.

            MAX 3 MAX 2

            Midsize Air Taxi

            Examples: Piper Cherokee Six, Cessna 206, Beechcraft Baron

            Great value for small groups with light luggage.

            MAX 5 MAX 3

            Large Air Taxi

            Examples: Piper Navajo, Cessna 402, Piper Chieftain, Beechcraft Queen Air

            Speedy, powerful twin-engine aircraft for families and groups.

            MAX 7 MAX 4

            Executive Air Taxi

            Examples: Pilatus, Cessna Caravan, Beechcraft King Air

            Your turbo-powered hauler. Fits with moderate groups with luggage, including car seats, strollers, bikes, skis, and golf clubs.

            MAX 8 MAX 6

            Personal Jet

            Examples: Eclipse, Embraer Phenom, Citation Mustang

            A nice efficient jet option for a small group with a short to medium-range mission.

            MAX 4 MAX 2

            Light Jet

            Examples: Citation CJ, Phenom 300, Learjet 35

            Medium-range flights with turbojet speed. Cruise above the weather with high-altitude comfort.

            MAX 6 MAX 4